Leverage the Edge

Changing customer demands present challenges and opportunities for Telcos and Service Providers. Implement edge-enabled content delivery solutions to monetize network investments and capture revenue in high-growth areas.

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Service Differentiation for Telcos

Capture the Edge Opportunity

Data-rich content demands more from infrastructure. New digital experiences need better performance and bandwidth.

But at the same time, edge computing is creating new use cases for low-latency applications. Telcos are uniquely positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.

Using existing 5G and edge environments to move workloads closer to users, they can offer low-cost, low-latency delivery services to streaming, broadcasting and business.

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Edge CDN Software

5G Ready

Varnish Enterprise is content delivery software that transforms digital platforms to unlock latency-free interactions at any scale.

Global telcos rely on Varnish to build powerful, cost-effective application acceleration services at the mobile edge and launch blazing fast next-gen experiences.

Varnish helps seize the edge opportunity:

  • 1 Tbps+ throughput per node for massive concurrency
  • < 1 ms edge responses for ultra low-latency delivery
  • Edge compute for customized, optimized delivery
  • Deploy anywhere, from the core network and network aggregation sites to cloud-native and MEC edge nodes

Varnish and 5G

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In the hunt for revenue, margins and 5G monetization, Varnish helps CSPs unlock more than just high-quality content delivery.


Deliver Pioneering Service

Delight end-users and customers with seamless streaming, at massive scale, for lower cost.


Build Your Edge

Platform and location-agnostic edge caching software offers high throughput and low latency for all HTTP transactions.


New Revenue Opportunities

Offer edge services with a speed, scale and flexibility that stand alone.


Emerging Use Cases

Monetize 5G investments and support low latency applications.

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Support Next-Gen Services

Prepare for Ultra Low Latency

Emerging use cases like cloud gaming, VR, AR and Industry 4.0 will need to go much lower than existing 300 to 500 ms response times.

Telcos choose Varnish Enterprise because moving workloads closer to users is critical. It's a complete solution for edge transformation: efficiently written software that delivers ultra-low latency and optimization for the next digital experience. 

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Mobile Edge Enablement

A Ready-Made Telco Edge Solution

Build, own and operate a best-in-class CDN. Decouple delivery software from underlying infrastructure.

Streamline deployment. Varnish Enterprise combines caching, orchestration, load balancing, routing and edge compute in one software solution.

Varnish Configuration Language. An edge runtime environment to execute logic in real time.

45+ pluggable modules. Flexibly handle security, routing, request handling, and cache invalidation.

360-view. Full visibility, with 100+ logs per transaction and 130+ built-in metrics.

Enhanced routing and traffic control. Excellent QoE with clients requests reaching optimal nodes.

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Augment, Don't Replace

Pathways to Edge CDN Growth

The more data intensive digital services get, the more cost ineffective the cloud becomes. Varnish Enterprise enables a sustainable pathway to digital transformation:

Start with what you have. Use existing servers and rapidly roll out powerful content delivery services.

Expand cost-effectively with efficiency out-of-the-box to improve utilization and performance on existing networks.

Update and enhance with decoupled hardware and software. Prolong hardware cycles, use software that doesn't restrict growth, reduce CAPEX and energy usage.

Blaze a trail. Start with mature use cases like video, and easily introduce low-latency workloads as business cases build.

We Can Help

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Who We Help

Varnish Enterprise is deployed today across global network infrastructure to support growing needs for capacity, flexibility and speed. 

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"Adopting our own CDN, we gained better control over quality of streaming and quality of experience for users."


Michael Loftus

Senior Technology Infrastructure Engineer, RTÉ


Success Stories

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Swedish ISP Tele2 uses Varnish to power seamless OTT live and VoD video streaming, manage growing amounts of data and to build their own CDN.

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The major French telco brought CDN services in house using Varnish to power content delivery and replace a costly external CDN provider with a new revenue stream.

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The Nordics largest mobile operator built its own next-gen CDN using Varnish, to manage the explosion of streaming traffic with maximum stability, scalability and performance

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Support Plans

Varnish Enterprise subscriptions include software licensing and assistance from the Varnish Support and Engineering teams. Plans vary according to specific needs but the excellence and deep knowledge of our team stays the same. Choose the plan to suit your needs:

Standard Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 20 support requests/year
  • 8 hour max. response time

Premium Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 2 hour max. response time
  • 72 hour workaround SLAs
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Varnish as a Managed Service


In addition to Premium

  • 24/7 management by Varnish
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Flexible SLAs

"We wanted a partner we could work together with to implement our ideas using their knowledge and experience. Varnish had the technical competence and the willingness to collaborate and develop things to meet our needs."


Ragnar Kåhre

Solutions Architect, Telia

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