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Varnish Enterprise edge software brings low latency, high availability application services to on-premise environments

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Why Build the On-Premise Edge?

Business applications need to be available across different locations. Factories, offices, campuses, even vehicles.

Distributed teams need reliable access to databases, developer tools, ERP software, documentation platforms and content. 

These services need low latency and minimal traffic cost. Going back to the origin means sub-optimal interactions for systems and end-users.

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End Digital Bottlenecks

Real-Time Access to Critical Systems

Varnish Enterprise is the software-based alternative to the cost of scaling up applications in multiple locations.

Deploy Varnish to on-premise commodity hardware and private edge resources and serve local HTTP and API requests at blistering speed.

Put a Varnish edge cache exactly where you need it, and support serious on-premise traffic loads, efficiently and economically.

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The combination of efficient caching, real-time logic execution and the flexibility of software leads to excellent outcomes.


< 1 ms Cache Responses

Reliably support latency-sensitive HTTP interactions and workloads.


High Availability

Streamline and strengthen operations for business-critical applications.


Protect Backend Compute

Offload backhaul traffic to Varnish.


Scale Cost Effectively

Powerful caching can reduce application licensing and hardware needs.

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Seamless Repo Access

Reduce Artifactory Costs

Heavy load on centralized repositories like Artifactory creates bottlenecks. Varnish integrates into DevOps pipelines to cache and deliver Artifactory responses:

Lightning-fast delivery of Artifactory objects during peak demand

Lower dependency resolution times. Cache database request traffic

Heavily reduced backend requests, so more users receive objects fast

Reduction in DevOps overheads with Varnish handling the load

Secure mission-critical content, and verify all clients and servers

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On-Premise Cache and API Gateway

Localize App Logic

DevOps teams use Varnish Enterprise for low-latency delivery of business functionality from local server infrastructure. 

Alongside the core caching engine is VCL. Use it to put logic at the edge and build more responsive and secure interactions. Also, customize delivery with a library of modules that include:

  • Access Controls
  • Key-based invalidation and purge
  • Hash-based authentication
  • Edge-side page assembly
  • Dynamic backends
  • Advanced header and cookie manipulation
  • JSON parsing and JWT verification
  • Grace mode and soft purge
  • Time to Live (TTL) controls
  • Rate limiting
  • Origin health checks

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Who We Help

From automative manufacturing to FMCG and finance, local application platforms are everywhere being built with Varnish.

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“We have been able to scale down some solutions because Varnish helps us use our resources in a better, more efficient way.”


Solution Architect

Digital Media/Web, VGR


Support Plans

Varnish Enterprise subscriptions include software licensing and assistance from the Varnish Support and Engineering teams. Plans vary according to specific needs but the excellence and deep knowledge of our team stays the same. Choose the plan to suit your needs:

Standard Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 20 support requests/year
  • 8 hour max. response time

Premium Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 2 hour max. response time
  • 72 hour workaround SLAs
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Varnish as a Managed Service


In addition to Premium

  • 24/7 management by Varnish
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Flexible SLAs

"Being able to remediate misconfigured or misemployed applications in the wild at the edge without needing separate components or layers is everything.”


Michael Loftus

Senior Technology Infrastructure Engineer, RTÉ

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We’re happy to help with any questions you may have about our software, support, pricing or anything else Varnish related. We can assist you in finding the solution that best fits your needs and set up trials too.

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