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Protect web services while accelerating content delivery, with built-in access controls, request blocking, TLS termination and more.

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Security at Speed

Protect the User Experience

Web and video services need speed and scale to ensure reliable Quality of Experience, but they face security threats like cache poisoning, SQL injection, malicious API requests and DDoS attacks (to name a few).

Many security tools add friction or create bottlenecks, especially if they require additional network hops or external services.

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Varnish Enterprise Security Suite

Frictionless Security for HTTP Delivery

Varnish Enterprise caching software builds in a comprehensive security platform, ready to protect customer and business data while accelerating content delivery.

It’s privately deployable, so you can control the content delivery pipeline on dedicated infrastructure, in restricted geographies, all the way from origin to edge.

Varnish Security White Paper

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Combine speed and security to make sure user data and critical infrastructure is protected from traffic, bad actors and malicious requests. 


Reduce Complexity

An integrated security suite with holistic threat protection. Block bad traffic, bots, API abuse, SQL-injection, cache poisoning and more.


Protect Performance

Activate the full set of security controls across your network without hurting web performance.


Secure User Data

Encrypt all the way to the edge, block malicious and accidental DDoS attacks and control access with authentication and identity verification.


Actionable Insights

Granular, real-time and historical metrics deliver actionable insights and faster solutions. 100+ lines of logs for every transaction and 130+ built-in metrics. 

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Bot Detection and Rate Limiting

Block Bad Traffic

Security tooling in Varnish is seamless. The adaptability of VMODs mean complete control over traffic, without adding roadblocks to legitimate requests.

Resolve IP domain names at the edge with Forward Confirmed reverse DNS to verify legitimate web crawlers and block bad actors automatically.

Rate limit and block client requests according to location, IP range and more, for DDoS mitigation and enhanced stability.

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TLS Termination and User Authentication

High-Speed TLS

Varnish Enterprise tightly integrates client-side and backend TLS with incredibly performant TLS protocol negotiation.

Mutual TLS brings security for server-to-server authentication across intranets and extranets too.

JWT and HMAC verification makes it easy to prevent unauthorized activity and validate user and server identities. Varnish can cache and invalidate authenticated requests shared across many different users, so authorization does not harm performance.

What is TLS?

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Who We Help

From popular web services facing malicious request floods, to financial institutions that need to lock down internal data flows, Varnish is the caching and security layer of choice.

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"Implementing Varnish we immediately saw results. It has functioned perfectly."


Daniel Kukucka

CTO, Servcorp


Data Privacy and Sovereignty

Uphold Compliance

Legislation and regulation can mean commercial CDNs cannot guarantee data privacy or sovereignty. Varnish Enterprise software:

  • Deploys to dedicated, private servers in locations of choice, plus  EU-based cloud infrastructure
  • Restricts access via IP and location
  • Ensures data stays in specific territories on infrastructure you control

Varnish and US CLOUD Act

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Success Stories

Future Case Study Banner

Future Publishing

Varnish enables Future Publishing to achieve a robust and reliable caching layer for highly available content delivery across its media properties

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Telia Company

Given the acquisition of TV4, MTV and CMore, Telia Company needed to re-evaluate their current CDN strategy and decided to build their "next generation" CDN together with Varnish as a key partner.

Intersport Banner


Intersport is one of the world's leading sporting goods retailers. Their challenge was to adopt configurable, agile cache management to ensure accuracy and performance, implement initial line of defense against bot/DDoS attacks and improve user experience with faster page loads.

Support Plans

Varnish Enterprise subscriptions include software licensing and assistance from the Varnish Support and Engineering teams. Plans vary according to specific needs but the excellence and deep knowledge of our team stays the same. Choose the plan to suit your needs:

Standard Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 20 support requests/year
  • 8 hour max. response time

Premium Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 2 hour max. response time
  • 72 hour workaround SLAs
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Varnish as a Managed Service


In addition to Premium

  • 24/7 management by Varnish
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Flexible SLAs

"Varnish has delivered exactly the speed and resilience we needed as well as a cache hit rate of 97% and website availability that has never been under 99.75%.”


Roberto Lopez

Project Manager, République et Canton de Genève

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