Varnish Enterprise Managed Services

A private CDN service for enterprises, fully managed by Varnish Software

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350Varnish Managed Services


Satisfy every audience

Low-latency, high-capacity content
delivery and edge computing


CDN team included

A private CDN customized for your
use case and run 24/7 by Varnish experts


A CDN to match your needs

Choose PoP locations, hardware,
routing and edge logic

An optimized private CDN with the convenience of plug-and-play

Varnish Enterprise Managed Services is a dedicated private CDN service that’s customized to exact requirements and maintained 24/7 by Varnish Software.

For enterprises looking to benefit from a highly scalable private CDN, but with the convenience of a turnkey solution, it offers better performance, predictable costs and more time to focus on core business.


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QoE optimization
Access the low latency, high-capacity, feature-rich benefits of your own CDN for enhanced QoE.
A private CDN that’s fully supported by caching experts, with flexible SLAs, 24/7 monitoring and custom edge logic.
Predictable costs
A flat fee model without the need for an in-house team, while handling more traffic with lower resource usage.
Custom PoP locations
Strategically locate PoPs to reach audiences quickly and optimize the user experience for key customers.
Privacy and security
Run a secure CDN on dedicated hardware for maximum privacy and control, with no service sharing.


Higher Cache Hit Rate for AFC Ajax

“At 10 o’clock we have a million people, and sometimes you can plan for that, but when it’s unplanned you don’t want your website to go down. That’s the biggest difference with Varnish Managed Services.”

Max Reckers, Tech Lead, AFC Ajax

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Why use Varnish Managed Services?

As a premium software and service solution, a dedicated team of Varnish experts deploy and run the CDN, meaning a shorter time-to-deployment and fewer operational overheads.

A fully managed Varnish Enterprise private CDN combines the convenience of a commercial CDN with:

✓ Ability to choose edge server locations

✓ Freedom to optimize for every use case

 Total control over infrastructure

✓ Dedicated hosting with no service sharing

✓ Flexible SLAs for dialling support up and down

Unlock the edge

A CDN team that helps you embrace new edge technologies and better serve customers.

Use the experts

Varnish Software takes care of the CDN 24/7, and we’re always available on Slack, on the telephone and via email.

Keep control

The simplicity of a plug-and-play CDN but keep control of content, traffic, PoP locations and support level.

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Varnish Managed Services Brochure

Varnish Managed Services Brochure

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