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Flexible HTTP request routing that ensures clients fetch content from the optimal cache, for excellent user experiences at scale.

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Traffic Router is an HTTP and DNS-based request router for Varnish Enterprise. It makes sure that users and upstream CDNs fetch content from the optimal Varnish cache, for excellent user experiences at scale.

Traffic Router is tightly integrated with Varnish Controller and helps to simplify web service operations, maintain availability, guarantee QoS, and extend reach. 

The flexible rules engine directs client requests based on factors like location and utilization, and supports public CDN offload to balance traffic across the entire CDN mix.

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Your Network, Mapped

Traffic Router makes it easy to satisfy users, introduce greater resilience to your system and optimize content delivery.

Its synergy with Varnish Controller means Traffic Router is more than just a powerful request router and load balancer. It not only directs the flow of traffic but monitors it and helps you leverage the insights. 

With CDN Mapping, see your entire system clearly to understand network, CPU and memory usage at a glance, and confidently assign resources wherever they are needed.

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Why use Traffic Router?

There are several benefits to Traffic Router, including:

Balance Traffic

Improve QoE

Balance traffic with sophisticated layer 7 load balancing to distribute user requests between caches.

Growing Traffic

Scale With Growing Traffic

Offload excess requests to public CDNs during peak loads, to maintain uninterrupted service.

System Vigilance

Attain System-Wide Vigilance

Monitor the health of your Varnish clusters and edge PoPs, tracking changes and trends in real-time and ensuring network conformity.


Update Instantly

Program new routing configurations and load balancing preferences with the click of a button.

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How Traffic Router Works

Customized Routing

Use the advanced - yet user friendly - routing engine to assign every Varnish node a set of ordered rules. Choose and order routing decisions as needed:

History / Tags / IP / Utilization / Random / External / ASN/CIDR / RegExp / Location

The first routing decision to return a matching endpoint is sent to the client via HTTP or DNS. If there’s no match, Traffic Router tries the next rule in the list. 

Have unique routing needs? Traffic Router supports the creation of custom rules too.

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Who We Help

Large-scale caching setups across global industries benefit from the power and flexibility of Traffic Router.

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Manage Peak Loads

Ensure Availability

No dropped requests. If caches are unexpectedly offline, unhealthy, over utilized, or otherwise unavailable, Traffic Router directs requests to the best well-functioning cache server.

Active health checking and public CDN endpoint checks route around unhealthy connections.

Automatic CDN overflow. If caches are fully utilized with no time to scale up the core network, Traffic Router can route to external endpoints like public CDNs. 

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Success Stories

Future Case Study Banner

Future Publishing

Varnish enables Future Publishing to achieve a robust and reliable caching layer for highly available content delivery across its media properties.

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Telia Company

Given the acquisition of TV4, MTV and CMore, Telia Company needed to re-evaluate their current CDN strategy and decided to build their "next generation" CDN together with Varnish as a key partner.

Intersport Banner


Intersport is one of the world's leading sporting goods retailers. Their challenge was to adopt configurable, agile cache management to ensure accuracy and performance, implement initial line of defense against bot/DDoS attacks and improve user experience with faster page loads.

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"Traffic Router enables better use of existing servers and optimizing for efficiency."


John Noreen

Manager TV Service Delivery, Tele2

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  • 24/7 management by Varnish
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