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Varnish Enterprise caching and content delivery software transforms digital platforms to unlock low latency interactions at any scale. Join leading businesses across every industry and make internet delivery seamless with Varnish.

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What is Varnish Enterprise?

Next-gen Content Delivery Software

Varnish Enterprise is HTTP caching and content delivery software that makes it easy to speed up digital interactions, handle traffic load and protect web infrastructure.

It's software. Varnish deploys wherever you need it most, on any platform, alongside existing tech resources.

It's powerful. Varnish Enterprise is the best at what it does: accelerating HTTP delivery and offloading traffic from critical web and application infrastructure.

It gives back control. Deploy Varnish on dedicated resources, customize it to your specific mission and completely control how digital content is delivered.

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How does Varnish work?

Accelerate Everything HTTP

For digital delivery - whether it's web content, video, APIs or files - speed is everything. When latency increases, user engagement drops significantly and business operations get delayed.

This is where caching comes in.

Storing data closer to users means faster delivery when the data is requested. This also adds stability since less traffic hits core web services.

Caching strengthens and scales web services cost-effectively, for responsive and reliable digital experiences at all times.

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Does Varnish support my requirements?

Robust Customization and Adaptability

Varnish Enterprise is made up of a core caching engine, edge language, and a robust library of 45+ pluggable modules for enhancing and dialing in caching strategy. Varnish modules (VMODs) include:

  • Content Localization
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Content compression
  • Key-based invalidation and purge
  • Device and IP intelligence
  • Edge-side page assembly
  • Dynamic backends
  • Advanced header and cookie manipulation
  • JSON parsing and JWT verification
  • Bot verification and request blocking
  • Grace mode and soft purge
  • Time to Live (TTL) controls
  • Origin health checks
  • And more!

Full VMOD Library


About us

Who is Varnish Software?

Varnish Software is the company behind Varnish Enterprise software and services. The team at Varnish are also the primary stewards of the open-source Varnish Cache project, with deep experience and expertise in all things caching and content delivery. Varnish Software has offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Stockholm, Oslo, Karlstad, Düsseldorf and Paris.

About Varnish

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Across industries, use cases and challenges, Varnish Enterprise is the software solution of choice for accelerating digital processes.

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Success Stories

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Future Publishing

Varnish enables Future Publishing to achieve a robust and reliable caching layer for highly available content delivery across its media properties

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Telia Company

Given the acquisition of TV4, MTV and CMore, Telia Company needed to re-evaluate their current CDN strategy and decided to build their "next generation" CDN together with Varnish as a key partner.

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Intersport is one of the world's leading sporting goods retailers. Their challenge was to adopt configurable, agile cache management to ensure accuracy and performance, implement initial line of defense against bot/DDoS attacks and improve user experience with faster page loads.

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Our Products

Varnish Enterprise Solution Suite

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Varnish Enterprise

Content Delivery

  • Edge Caching
  • Edge Compute
  • Disk Storage
  • Security Tooling
Origin Shield
  • Traffic Offload
  • Downtime Defense
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Varnish Controller

Control Plane

  • Orchestration
  • Auto-scaling
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Health Checks
  • Performance Data
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Varnish Traffic Router

Request Routing

Load Balancing
  • High Availability
  • CDN Syncing
  • Traffic Offload
Traffic Routing
  • Flexible Routing
  • CDN Mapping

Not Ready for Varnish Enterprise? Try Varnish Cache.

Varnish Cache is a popular – and powerful – open source HTTP engine / reverse HTTP proxy, used by millions of websites around the globe. 

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